Track Patrol

Something About CrossingsIn late September this year, I had the pleasure of accompanying three friends in a trolley to do track patrol on the Puffing Billy. This was an adventure that took a little bit over three hours, including stops to check stuff (that’s what we were there for, after all) like fallen branches, dropbears on the train tracks, and/or recalcitrant weeds that take over the path as well as fill in the various forms at the various stops for the various regulations and, of course, time for photos.
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Brian’s World

Brian's WorldThis is the first in the second set of my Others’ Worlds series – a series of interactive images melding images created by other people into a new world. This world is for – and was created with images from – Brian Dunn.
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TL;DR Don’t Ever Do That Again

Terrance, h3rg1dri529 and I rode to the post office and shops. We walked home. Not too far from home, Terrance’s basket snapped. In the middle of the road. Whilst we were walking through the bicycle/pedestrian crossing with a red light. Continue reading

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Raw Cheesecake: Three Layers of Nom

Three Layers of Nom
With many thanks to Tara for the recipe upon which this concoction is structurally based. Continue reading

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One for September 2014

Selfie - Data Bent
My one image for September 2014.
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