Making Planets

The purpose of this post is to walk you through how I make mini-planets from 360° panoramas. I will be using this equirectangular panorama:
Termite Mounds Cox Peninsula

And show you how to make this planet:
Termite Planet

I use GIMP with the MathMap Miniplanet filter in this walk-through but you can find links to other tutorials using other applications towards the end of this post.

Step 1: Open your 360°
Open your 360°
This is the panorama once you have opened.

Step 2: Turn it into a square

Turn your 360° into a square

Square it

For this image to work with the MathMap Miniplanet filter, you need to scale your image such that it is a square. Turn off the width/height link and make both width and height the same. My original image was 12018×6009 so I made the width 6009.

Step 3: Your image is now a square

Your panorama is now squared

The resulting square

The resulting square.

Step 4: Open the MathMap Miniplanet filter

Open up the MathMap miniplanet filter.

Where to find the miniplanet filter

Your filter setup may be different to mine but I get to the filter by Filters > Generic > Mathmap > Distorts > Miniplanet

Step 5: The Miniplanet options

The miniplanet filter options

Move/stretch/warp your image to your liking

You can use the turn (which rotates), zoom, sc (which sorta squeezes), warp (which warps, funnily enough) to get your planet to your liking.

Step 6: Pick the colour for the space in which your planet will float

Pick a colour for the *space* outside of the planet

Use the colour picker

You need to pick a colour for the space your planet will float in. I try to use a colour from the edge of the planet such that it blends smoothly into the space in which it floats. This isn’t always possibly and you might find that a contrasting colour will work better.

Step 7: Your panorama is now a planet

The planet you've made from your 360°

Tis a grand thing, innit?

After you’ve selected the various options, including the colour, select ok. You have your planet, which you may wish to further tweak to your liking.

The following links will provide you with further information on planet making:

I trust you will find suitable images to use for your mini planets and reckon that you might just develop a mini planet habit.  Enjoy.

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