PsAD 2011

Having completed my Photo A Day for 2010, I am now starting my Photos A Day for 2011: 2010 was a grand year and was certainly enhanced by all that I learned about myself and about photography through the pleasures of making at least one photo per day.

This year, I’ve decided to title my work in photography as Photos A Day, instead of just Photo A Day so as to more accurately reflect what it is that I do, learn and accomplish through visual expressions. Having never been comfortable with pictures of myself, I noted in my notes from last year that I would attempt at least one self-portrait per year. For me, this was a grand thing: I now feel comfortable with pictures of myself and have made my first photo of the year a selfie:

Garden Rantz

In this coming year, I will continue to make selfies so as to be more comfortable with my own image and see what else I learn about myself from this: plenty, I reckon.

In 2011, I intend on posting daily to the following groups on flickr:

As well as posting regularly to these special-interest groups:

And quarterly in these groups:

The above, rather obviously, focuses on images that I will be posting to flickr. This year, I also intend on publishing images to EYE’EM and Tumblr on a regular basis, though this will not necessarily be daily I do intend that the images
on each of those sites be unique and specifically for those sites:

2011 – I’m ready for you and I look forward to hearing and seeing what others are doing with their photography this year.

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  1. col says:

    looking forward to seeing all your upcoming creations man…you produce stimulating, funny and thought provoking stuff…

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