Victorian Holidays 2012

Tango Queen
This beautiful Tango Queen above was shot just before we headed out for my last dinner in Melbourne before heading back home.

The images in this slideshow are from my holidays to Victoria for 9 sleeps in January. Twas a grand, grand time.

Thanks to the friends who attended the party.

Thanks to Xtian for the cooking and hospitality.

Thanks to Kit for the beautiful, beautiful week.


Please note that as of today (6 Febr 2012), I have finished uploading the photos from my Victorian Holidays. There are more photos to be processed – eventually.

Please note that as of today (5 Feb 2012), I have processed and uploaded the photos I made up to 13 Jan 20120: the remaining images are from the motorcycle ride to Werribee Gorge and the last day in Melbourne.

Please note that as of today (31 Jan 2012), I have processed up to the second day of my holidays. The Werribee Open Range Zoo – by far the largest selection of images for me to process – is now complete and those photos uploaded and on flickr. Many more days to come.

Please note that as of today (23 January 2012), I have only uploaded the shots from the iDevices and a few from Doris (that’s the D90, in case you are losing track of the various names I give to things). I’ll be uploading more over the coming weeks and this will be updated via flickr for the slideshow.

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