End of the Wet

End of the Wet
As our tropical Wet season is coming to an end – if it hasn’t ended already – I thought it high time that I shot another panorama of one of my favourite places to visit for my lunch-time walkabouts as I haven’t made an equirectangular pano for almost seven (7) months: it was time to fix that laxness.

The images for this equirectangular panorama were shot today at the Casuarina Coastal Reserve: shot hand held and I spent an hour or so tidying up the stitching using GIMP.

If you prefer a full-screen version using Flash, you can load that via this link (8.4 Mb).

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2 Responses to End of the Wet

  1. Murfomurf says:

    Wow- you must have a lot of fun getting the shots aligned, that’s all I can say! Are The Birds going to look after your garden & kitties while you’re away? Or can you take your kitties to Melbourne with you? Just that I know how much I miss mine when I travel- though the travel itself is a dim memory these days. Enjoy the start of the wet- have you danced nekkid in the backyard yet?

  2. Rantz says:

    Murfomurf – it’s the end of Wet and of course I danced nekkid already – in the front garden, too. The kittehs and garden will be looked after by a house-sitter – though I’m sure the Birds will be visiting for cuddles from time-to-time.

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