Bench with Rantz

Bench with Rantz
Last full day in Melbourne, relaxing in the garden whilst making photos. Yes, you’ve spotted correctly – those are socks with sandals on my feet.

If you prefer a full-screen version using Flash, you can load that via this link (4Mb).

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3 Responses to Bench with Rantz

  1. fabien roy says:

    Great yard!!! I wear socks with sandals if need be and I never mind!!! Oh! by the by did I fail to mention…THANK YOU!!!

  2. Just J says:

    What a great selfie!

  3. Rantz says:

    Fabien – I don’t actually own any sandals so I don’t actually wear socks with my sandals… oh wait… yes, I did – there’s proof. Well, there’s proof that I wore them – no proof (as yet) that I actually own said sandals.

    Thanks Jay, much appreciated.

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