Puffing Billy (and Beyond)

Facts near the entrance to Puffing Billy at Belgrave in Victoria, Australia.
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From a Puffing fanatic:
that facts board is full of lies – I’ve never looked at it before
– the line is 16mi / 26km long not including sidings (not 15/24)
– there are only four trestle bridges (not five) and they’re not to original design or construction – the first bridge is the nearest to original wooden construction but uses modern materials and waterproofing – the others use modern concrete and steel piers with wood bents and steel decks
– it was reopened by the volunteers and the army corps of engineers along with many service clubs and later commercial contractors (lake->gem)

And a spot of Puffing to start you off on the collection of Puffing Billy imagery below.

A slideshow of the images shot at Puffing Billy and points beyond whilst spending a beautiful Victorian day with Vikki and Paul. Thanks aplenty to both of you for the grand day of photographic treasure hunting.

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  1. Just J says:

    Lovely photos of a (nearly) historic part of your country.

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