Fire Spinning

And Then The Rains Came
Given that I’ve now been able to shoot my own fire spinning properly, I thought it time to make a blog post about said fire spinning. This image was the last last evening whilst at Lee Point. Unfortunately, the rains came before Sol had said goodbye and the photographers (including me) ran to the to protection of the Casuarina pines so as to not end up with completely sodden cameras.

This particular image was shot by the camera (with the intervalometer set to shoot 3 second images every five seconds) as I was returning from the spinning spot – the pois had only just been lit so it took a while to get them out.

I’m chuffed with this image and you won’t hear a complaint from me about the rain – tis beautiful… and here’s to hoping this monsoonal trough lasts longer than the previous two that we’ve had so far this very dry Wet season.

This slideshow will be updated over time as more images are added to my fire spinning adventures.

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