9 for August ’13

Before having a gander at the monthly mosaic, the animation from #SciFiAugust is essential.

ABe1D knew that if sie continued along the tunnel constructed by hir colony sie would find hir heart-mate, JHa2C: the revered talking-book-of-instruction would never speak an un-truth.

Sie persevered for three circuits around the current aubade yet found nought: hir heart-mate was not to be found and sie knew hir fuel would soon be empty.

ABe1D was certain that more fuel could be found yet was uncertain of the toll consuming more fuel would have on hir ability to recognise JHa2C should they eventually meet across the way.

JHa2C kept searching, too: hir abilities of mate recognition were not as yet compromised though there was growing concern amongst hir colony that there would be no continuation of the line.

Three-quarter siblings were a necessity of this continuation of the line: only the hearts of such siblings were capable of ensuring the proper breeding protocols.

ABe1D approached the membrane: it was time, it was time.

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The Mosaic:
9 for August '13

The Backstory:

+Jacob Dix and others are doing #SciFiAugust: please do join in – we’d love to have your interpretations added to the mix.

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