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Tableaux with Peg
This is the last image I shot whilst in Melbourne in September (and one morning of October): it’s a favourite for lots of reasons the main reasons being stories. Long stories with many memories.

Spanish CellarsThis most recent visit to Melbourne was full of lots of planning and more than a few surprises. You can find more information about the Spanish Cellars redevelopment on this link. It’s a pleasure to walk past this building, enjoying the cables, enjoying the buildings. And the weather – not too bad at all.

The Walk BeforeThe fishy (fisheye lens) particularly enjoys shooting big areas, chasing the sun. I have to remember to remember when out of the tropics that sunsets (and rises) last longer. A two hour walk can feel like a five minute stroll – but that’s possibly not about the sun.

Purple Beard!And then there was Purple Beard. In particular, this shot was the morning after the purpleisation of the beard. It’s been just under a month since the beard became purple – the purple has well and truly faded. If I look really carefully in the right light (sun light works well), I can see traces of colour. But now… now – the beard is mostly (a wee bit of bleaching to get the purple to take happened) its natural colour. I’m enjoying the greys.

With Al at WoolamaiLater in the week, there was a visit to Phillip Island with Al, Julia and Vikki. Al and I went on a walk shortly after Vikki and I arrived. We walked, we talked, we made photos, I got soaked, we walked, we talked, we made photos, I got cold, we returned to the house, hilarity ensued.

A Boy and His DogBut not before this image was made. There was something about the light, something about the boy, something about his dog, something about a story, something: I just needed to make it spectacleless.

Still OpenLater, a few days later, another walk around Brunswick was needed. And had. And enjoyed. Milk bars: not many remain. This one, with cables galore, is still open as a business. Visit your local milk bar – they need your custom.

A Flower: Variation dIf your flowers have a scent, give them a smell. Then shoot them. If your flowers don’t have a scent, shoot them. As often as you get the chance. Share that beauty. You know you want to.

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