Canberra in October

Dairy Farmers Hill
Of the many photographs that I made whilst visiting Canberra in early October, the above is by far my favourite – and that wasn’t an easy choice to make as there were so many grand photographic opportunities that presented themselves. This particular image was made whilst visiting the National Arboretum on a rather beautiful Canberra day. But… I’m getting ahead of myself…

Stromlo ISo I’ll backtrack to the first photographic adventure during the trip: the Mt Stromlo Observatory. Twas a chilly, windy morning when Dryade and I began our day-long adventure, travelling to various parts of the Territory. Twas a good thing that we were both rugged up and prepared for the wind that greeted us atop the Mount.

Astronauted RantzAfter Stromlo, we headed to the Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex where I briefly became an astronaut thanks to the handy camera work by Dryade. It did take a wee while to get back to earth – the re-entry was rather warm – but make it back to earth I did. As you can see, the beard was still a wee bit Purple – and, of course, I did my best to add some purple back in during post-processing. After re-entry, we adjourned to the cafe to have a morning treat before shooting the dish.

Like a Flower: BAnd this is the dish. To put the dish into perspective size-wise, the trees you see to the left of the dish are Eucalypts, ranging in height from 5 to 15 metres (or thereabouts). Yes, this dish is big – it’s 73 metres tall by 70 metres wide – a big dish indeed. For more information on this beautiful structure, please visit this post by Lacerant Plainer.

Tidbinbilla All AroundAfter enjoying the Deep Space Communication Complex, we ventured to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve where I shot enough images to make this rather glitchy interactive pano as well as making other photos but, more importantly, enjoying the beautiful landscape and watching Dryade whisper to the kangaroos.

Visiting the GreensWe then visited the Rock Valley Homestead which was destroyed during the Canberra bushfires of 2003 and has been restored to its present state. Whilst Dryade talked with the plovers, I ventured into the homestead, thoroughly enjoying the textures and shapes, particularly the textures that have been left exposed after the fires despite the restoration.

ProfileAfter finishing off our adventures at Tidbinbilla, we headed to the Walk-in Aviary where we had the pleasure of being covered with a variety of birds whilst they feasted on fruit and worms. The aviary is situated on a 1000 metre property where approximately 500 birds representing 52 species from around Australia and across the world. This particular birds was my favourite of the day – I patiently watched it for a while and noted that it would move its head back and forth, awaiting the next human to walk by with the appropriate treat.

CorneredA few days later, I met up with other friends in Civic where we had coffee, walked, talked, had more coffee, had a meal (or was it two?) and I made photographs of the beauty that I saw around me. This particular sculpture just needed to be orbified, what with all of its straight lines and corners.

Wide, BlueGiven that I started this post with my favourite image of my time in Canberra, I thought it appropriate to end it with my second favourite image of my time in Canberra: I thoroughly enjoy all of the different types of beauty that I find in our shared world and I reckon this image is a perfect contrast to the first image. From the smooth landscape with silhouetted trees and soft clouds to the angles of the human-made world. You can have it all. You can.

The slideshow below (best viewed full-screen) is a collection of all of the images taken during this short time in Canberra – I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed making them.

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