Orbalicious Marysville

In the Stream
The above image was shot whilst on a wee trip to Marysville in Victoria on Monday, 10 Mar 2014 whilst on an outing with Al, Steven and Vikki. We journeyed first to Marysville and arrived at what appeared to be a rather grand restaurant, though very noisy inside. Despite the trauma of having made a decision about the particular food that I wanted only to be told that particular item was not being served and I had to make another choice, I enjoyed our meal together (I particularly enjoyed the eye-candy wearing motorbike gear) before we headed off up a dirt track to make photos.

We had intended on heading further up the dirt track than we did but we had to turn back due to road closures (falling trees, apparently): we headed back down the track to a wee spot with the beautiful stream where this image was shot.

In the GrooveAfter spending an hour or so making photos and chatting, we headed back into Marysville proper and had afternoon tea (yes, our little group is quite keen on our foodstuffs) before heading down a path to a lake and walkway with a playground. This image was shot at the playground which was full of rather inventive equipment for people to have a play on as well as wonder at the natural beauty surrounding the park.

The slideshow below is of the various orbalicious images shot during our day together.

And for the Flickr’ish views:

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