Urbexing Geelong

My Guide
Meet my guide – he’s a rather informed young lad and he’s here to ensure your safety. Before we began our adventure into a beautiful abandoned building, his mum let the children know that if you go upstairs, you have to have an adult with you. He decided I was his adult and he let me know in no uncertain terms that I was to stay away from the edges. As well as his advice, you might wish to visit this post by Mario for further information, tips and advice on Urbexing.

When you need to go, you need to go: a urinal is a urinal whether there’s water flowing or not – in this instance, I didn’t need to go.

But I would have if I did have.

I was rather intrigued with the bricks that had been removed from the wall and were now in front of the urinal – that would have created some difficulty if one wasn’t wearing sturdy shoes with ankle supports – and who does in the middle of the night when you really have to go?

As those of you familiar with my work know, I’m rather intrigued with cables of all sorts (amongst other things): with these cables, however, I wasn’t so much intrigued as thankful that this critter had lost its opposable thumb such that it wasn’t able to grab me and keep me hostage.

It was however, still able to deliver a few good scratches and I’m hoping those marks on the back of my neck are not implants that will eventually take control of the body.

After half an hour or so of wondering around the ground floor – including avoiding being captured by the cable critter and being impressed by the various forms and styles of graffiti, we approached the stairs that would eventually take us to the top of the structure.

The views on the way up the stairs were full of awesome both when looking down to the ground level as well as looking across to the other end of the structure. Neither of those views, however, prepared me for the beauty that would be visible when the top of the structure was reached. After getting to the top, a caged door almost prevented further access to have a proper view of the top. Fortunately, there were enough gaps in the door to allow views all the way round. This view – including the altar-like structure, was most impressive and my first and immediate thought was “This would be a grand place to do a spot of fire spinning at night”. Some day – some day.

After fantasising about future fire play, it was time to make the way down again. That was a wee bit difficult as the brightness outside on the top of the structure was rather intense and made the darker stairwell seem even darker than it was as we made our way up the stairs.

Fortunately, I managed to work out which was down – though that might not be so apparent from this image: down is the other direction of up – just make sure you remember which way is up such that you can work out where you are going when you are stepping down.

Having succesfully managed the climb down the stairs, whilst ensuring to have stops to look at the views through broken windows as well as enjohing yet more graffiti, we managed to make it to the ground floor and then, once there, outside again.

Bright lights! Bright lights!

The slideshow below contains my chosen images from the day in order shot from the time we entered the building until we made it out again.

And my guide again – just because you need to know how good he was at his job.

Thanks mate, my journey would not have been as much fun as it was without your guidance.

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