This image is Rhubarbaritas as made by Cathy when I visited her in Brisbane last year: they were delicious. We had more than a few. This recipe is for Nexy – and anyone else who cares for a tipple (or three).


  • a big bunch of rhubarb
  • one cup of maple syrup (or one cup of your favourite sugar)
  • 2 cups of water
  • Tequila (or Gin – egads!)
  • ice
  • delicate glasses for serving
  • or go the whole hog and get a big chunky glass


  • cut the rhubarb into finger sized chunks
  • boil the water, in a pan big enough to hold the rhubarb
  • add the rhubarb
  • turn the heat down on your stove to let the rhubarb gently simmer
  • add the maple syryup (or other sugar)
  • cook until the rhubarb is mush
  • keep checking that the water hasn’t evaporated – you want a delicious mush, not a dried out mess
  • once the rhubarb is mushed, strain all liquid
  • put the rhubarb aside for a cake or other delicacy
  • blend the liquid with Tequila (or Gin!) and ice
  • decant
  • drink
  • repeat

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