Even white people…

Even White People...
On my first morning back in Darwin after travelling interstate, I walked to my local shops (Rapid Creek Village – also called, by some, Rabid Creek Village) in order to get milk for my coffee and juice for my brekkie. On the way there, I spotted a bumper sticker that had been stuck on a power sub-station: “Diversity is a code word for white genocide”.

After coffee and brekkie, Terrance and I rode to the post office where the rather fabulous t-shirt above was awaiting collection: I wore it to the Sunday markets at said Rabid Creek Village and I shall be wearing it after every opportunity where I know it can be seen by white people, particularly white people who might be responsible for bumper stickers such as this one (now properly defaced, of course):


Whilst I’ve seen this meme online, I had not until this past Friday seen the actual item away-from-keyboard: I have now. It won’t be forgotten.

And an update after an interaction on Google+:

I've been uncircled by Branko Nuss due to racist comment.

I’ve been uncircled by Branko Nuss due to racist content.

And for the Flickr’ish views:

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