#Interactive Branchlings Three

Interactive Branchlings
You can move it, move it!

This is the third branchling in my Interactive Branchlings series and it is for Denford Berriman.

If you’d like to contribute any spare cash that you may have to support me in making more art, you can do so using Paypal.Me.

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2 Responses to #Interactive Branchlings Three

  1. Denford says:

    Thanks Charles!

    What an honour and most unexpected.

    It reminds me of my last afternoon/dusk of the 20th century.
    Laying on a blanket of tradescantia in a small forest in Wairarapa feeling the vines were going to encase me, bring me in as one of their own, shortly before there was much fire being pushed into the sky from a hot air balloon minus the balloon and all the rest of the madness the final hours brought with it.


  2. Charles Strebor says:

    You’re most welcome Denford – I’d like to know more about your last afternoon/dusk of the 20th century. Images, sounds, the lot.

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