It’s All About the Glitch

This past November, during a visit to Victoria, I had the pleasure of spending a few days with Mario. As well as cooking a few awesome desserts (such as this one) and eating lots of delicious food and drinking more than a few good beers, we had the pleasure of driving around for a few days shooting whatever took our fancy – including a very cold evening (for me!) spinning fire under a massive pylon with the beautiful static of the electrickeries.

This video was made by having @imgblender combine two images of me fire spinning as shot by Mario and processed by me.

It's All About the Fire
This is the primary image.

It's All About the Glitch
Which I then glitched and overlaid on the original to create this image.

Those familiar with my work will know that I get much enjoyment from the randomness that glitch. This slideshow is of the various images that I’ve had the pleasure of glitching to date:

If you’d like to contribute any spare cash that you may have to support me in making more art, you can do so using Paypal.Me.

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3 Responses to It’s All About the Glitch

  1. Aline says:

    Beautiful art!!! I am so pleased that now I can star your postings.. with joy the star button was hit..

  2. Gary Ray says:

    Nice one. I respect your skills with glitching. My attempts look more like bad warts, but yours are well, . . . art.
    Keep Glitching.

  3. Charles Strebor says:

    Thank you Aline and Gary Ray – much appreciated.

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