Squee World

Squee World
This is the 8th world in the third set of my Others’ Worlds series – a series of interactive images melding images created by other people into a new world. This world is for – and was created with images from – Daniel J. Stern & Bill Pusztai .

If you’d prefer a full-screen Flash version, you can get that here (3.1 Mb).

If you’d like to contribute any spare cash that you may have to support me in making more art, you can do so using Paypal.Me.

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2 Responses to Squee World

  1. Gary Ray says:

    A kaleidoscope of car color. Cool. Interesting chaps, Daniel and Bill, I like their work too. Thanks Charles for another work of art.

  2. Charles Strebor says:

    Thanks Gary Ray – Given it’s made of car lights, I thought it needed to spin rather quickly.

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