Conflagration: A Life of Fire

Finding the Centre
This is one of the five static images for a project that I had originally created to enterº in a digital arts competition after a suggestion by my dear friend Cathy. I have chosen to title this creation Conflagration: A Life of Fire.

Fire spinning, as regular followers of this blog will know, is one of my favourite things. I first started spinning fire some years back after seeing a group of people spinning at a beach. My purpose for starting spinning was that I wanted to make images of spinning fire. Now, for me, spinning fire is an end in itself. Sometimes I will go to the beach (or another isolated location where the fire spinning is unlikely to create a bigger fire) and spin to make images for photographist purposes. Other times, I will do said spinning just for the fire.

It’s a beautiful thing, spinning fire. I know from experience that it can be beautiful to watch from a distance. I also know from experience that it is beautiful to watch being the person spinning fire. The purpose of this creation was to create an environment where a person who doesn’t usually spin fire can enjoy the site and sound from the viewpoint of the fire spinner.

I hope this creation does that for you.

This content requires HTML5/CSS3, WebGL, or Adobe Flash Player Version 9 or higher.

To move from one world to another, look for the spinningfire and click it.For a full-screen version, please either double-click or click TheX in the window above.

The slideshow below is of all five static images used in this creation.

If you’ve any spare money floating around, please feel free to push some my way to help pay for the cost of hosting this site and contributing to my artistic pleasures. You can do that by visiting this link.

ºDue to incompetence of the the organisers of this competition, I have de-submitted my entry. Rather than ruin the elegance of this post, I have created a page to describe the events that led me to withdraw from the competition. You can find that page here.

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