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I’ve chosen this image to introduce this post even though it wasn’t the first that I shot (it was the third, as per the numbering) because my eyes had water falling from them after I read the word (that person is also the person I need now and I do my best to be that person, despite failing at times).

This past Sunday, I participated in The “36” Annual Photowalk: the idea being to think before you shoot, similar to the way many of us did pre-digital cameras. For me, it was a challenge to shoot 36. Not because I usually shoot more, but because I usually shoot less. During this walk, I shot my last twelve in the last 30 minutes of the (approximately) three-hour walk. Maybe I’m still stuck in the past haven’t adapted the digital age? I’m good with that.

This is the map of our walk:

Of the 36 images shot, I’m happy with all but three. Which three? Doesn’t matter, to my way of thinking. I’ve already noticed that two of the three that I’m not so keen on have been favourited on Flickr so what I like (or don’t) about my own work isn’t always the same as what others like (or don’t).

#36photo #36photo2017  (1 of 36)
This is Mario – known to lesser mortals as Paul. Mario not only organised the Melbourne walk, he was the instigator of the walks around the world. Thanks Mario – your work is much appreciated and your friendship invaluable.

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This is Hanna (a person who thinks things and doesn’t always say them aloud). Hanna appears in several of the images I shot during the day and this is not only my favourite image of Hanna from the walk, it’s my favourite image from the entire 36. I like the way Hanna is looking to the left; I like that I shot her just after she had shot a photo; I like the composition; I like everything about this image.

#36photo #36photo2017 (12 of 36)I don’t know this gentleman’s name (I’m certain I’ll find that out soon – at which stage I’ll update this post) but I much enjoyed watching him make photographs during out time together. This is my favourite of the monochromatic images that I’ve processed for this project and I think it works well. The concentration on his face; the way he holds his equipment; his beard: all, for me, are good things.

#36photo #36photo2017 (36 of 36)This is my last image from the day and it is of Mr Rabbit, he’s been everywhere, man, he’s been everywhere (Darwin, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, Murica, India, Canberra, Melbourne). Mr Rabbit was kind enough to pose for many of those on the walk and he even gave versions of himself to quite a few people. He’s a good bloke, is Mr Rabbit – but don’t tell him I said that. You can also find Mr Rabbit on The Twitters and Ustream. Whatever you do, though, do not ask him about Alice Springs.

That’s almost all that I have to say regarding this year’s adventure shooting 36 – head on over to The “36” Annual Photowalk to have a gander at images from around the world.

And, to end this adventure, the slideshow of the 36 images in order from start to finish:

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