The Compostables: They Did Spin

I’ve been composting kitchen waste for as long as I can recall. When I was living in a flat in Darwin, I had a large compost bin that was in my garden and I would regularly put kitchen waste into the bin and then, eventually, get delicious soil out of the bin to add to the garden.

Now that I’m living in Melbourne in a flat that doesn’t have access to a garden to put my large compost bin in, I’ve started using a Bokashi system. I now collect my kitchen waste in a small container on my kitchen bench and, when that is full, I take it to my balcony and put it into my Bokashi bin. With this system, I get delicious juice which I dilute and then feed my potted plants and, once a week or so, I put the undiluted juice down the various drains so as to try and reduce the bad bacteria that can grow in drains. When my Bokashi bin is full, I take it to a mate’s place and add it to his in-ground compost bin – someday I’ll get some of the delicious soil from his bin for my balcony garden.

“Why not make art out of this?”, I asked myself. And I have. For the month of April, I decided to shoot a dailyº image of the small bin on my kitchen bench. The following animation is the various days stacked together for your viewing pleasures.

If you’d like to have a better view of the images that isn’t dithered, have a look at the album on Flickr:

ºYes, I know that April has 30 days and I only shot 25 images – there were a few days in April where I was not well and stayed at my mate’s place so there were no images on those days.

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