Turrell’s Skyspace: Within without 2010

Dirtier Than You

My work is about space and the light that inhabits it. It is about how you confront that space and plumb it with vision. It is about your seeing, like the wordless thought that comes from looking into fire.
~James Turrell

The above images was shot in James Turrell’s “Within without 2010” during my most recent visit to Canberra, a magnificent space that is not to be missed if you have the pleasure of visiting Canberra. I first became aware of this creation via a dear friend more than a few years back (ie in 2010 – shortly after it opened) and knew that it was a space that I had to visit whilst on my holidays in Canberra.

I made many, many photos during my first visit and I explored, experience and enjoyed this space and it is the place that I must visit whenever I visit Canberra – I hope these images give you some idea of the beauty that is. Every new visit, I make many, many more photos, always finding something that I missed on previous visits. This is what art is.

Thanks James for your wonderful work: more angles, colours and textures than one could poke a bundle of sticks at.

And a slideshow of the various images I’ve made over the years – and more will be added when I next visit Canberra:

If your browser doesn’t display this slideshow, you can visit this link to see all of the images.

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