Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter Balls

Dark Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter Balls
Yes, these are good. Really good.

This is one of my favourite things to make and I’m posting this specifically for Carlos and his family because I said I would.


  • 600 -800 grams of your favourite chocolate(s)
  • 500 grams peanut butter
  • 500 grams icing sugar (not icing mixture – that stuff is icky)
  • 50 grams butter, melted
  • 50 grams maple syrup


  • Place peanut butter, icing sugar, butter and maple syrup into a largish bowl
  • Get your paws into the bowl and mix it until it forms into a big, non-sticky ball
  • Place baking paper on a few trays so you can refrigerate the little balls after making them
  • Once rolled into a non-sticky big ball, roll lots of little balls (about 50, usually)
  • Place baking paper on a few trays so you can refrigerate the little balls after making them
  • Little balls should be approximately 1.5 centimeters in width
  • Once the big, non-sticky ball is made into little, non-sticky balls, place in fridge for an hour
  • Put the chocolate in a small pan, broken into wee pieces
  • Put the small pan with the chocolate in it on top of another small pan with water in it, light up your hob and let that water boil and melt that chocolate
  • Once chocolate is melted, remove small, non-sticky balls from fridge
  • Using two teaspoons, dip the non-sticky balls into the melted chocolate
  • Ensure the non-sticky balls are covered with chocolate
  • Put chocolate coated, non-sticky balls into the fridge for an hour
  • Eat
  • Repeat

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3 Responses to Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter Balls

  1. Gary Ray R says:

    When I was a wee lad, I am talking back in the 50’s, one of my childhood treats was going to a friend who lived on a farm, and they served a big farm breakfast with everything, including peanut butter and syrup for breakfast. Slathered on toast or made thinner (more syrup) and put on pancakes.
    Yeah I might try these out when I figure out frosting sugar vs icing mixture. I think icing mixture is very fine sugar and corn starch? And frosting sugar is just finely ground sugar?

    Anyway thanks for the recipe Charles, brings back memories. I think I woke up some very moldy synapses.

  2. Charles Strebor says:

    Correct regarding icing sugar/mixture.

    Please do post images when you make them.

    Peanut butter and maple syrup: one cannot go wrong with that combination.

  3. Charles Strebor says:

    I look forward to you telling me how delicious these balled are once you make them.

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