Foolish Donkey – Beautaliciousness Edition


The sky is glowing, glowing, glowing.

The worlds remain silent.

The sun was lowering, lowering, lowering.

The Foolish Donkey has made its decision that this image is special.

What is this Foolish Donkey of which I speak? The Foolish Donkey is a term that I’ve long associated with Flickr’s Explore algorithm(s?).

It can mean whatever you wish it to mean and you can view the images that the Foolish Donkey has decided are noteworthy below.

If your browser doesn’t display this slideshow, you can visit this link to see all of the images.

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2 Responses to Foolish Donkey – Beautaliciousness Edition

  1. Gary Ray R says:

    Nice shot.
    Like the term Foolish Donkey. The images are nice to the eyes.
    For outdoor nature shots one photographer recommended that you crank the color up until it looks totally oversaturated and then back off 10%. I’ll admit to using that technique myself. Maybe that is one of the things the algorithm looks for, strong colors.

  2. Charles Strebor says:

    Thank you Gary Ray – much appreciated.

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