Happy Fourteen Years My Dear Bonnie

This is an animation of me and my cat. Her name is Bonnie. This was shot by a friend whilst I was resting on my sofa when recovering from a combination of kidney stones and pneumonia.

This is my Bonnie, comforting me in early 2017 when I was recovering from pneumonia and kidney stones at the same time. This image was shot by a dear friend. I’m thankful for this memory.

Today is the day that I celebrate the birth of Bonnie, my beautiful companion and friend of thirteen years.

I do not know the exact date of Bonnie’s birth but I celebrate it on the 23rd as I believe it appropriate to do so. Bonnie was born and lived the first year of her life at an animal shelter. She came into my life when I went with friends to look for a dog for their family. After walking around the dog kennels for well over an hour, we retreated to the cat sanctuary where I walked into one of the enclosures and sat on a chair. Shortly after setting on the chair, a cat jumped onto my lap. “That’s sweet,” I thought to myself.

This scenario was repeated two more times over the following weeks. First the dog kennels, then the cat sanctuary with the cat jumping on my lap. Following the third time this happened, I went to work the next day and saw a photo of a cat that looked like the cat that had jumped onto my lap. Three times in a row. I emailed the link to the friend and asked “Is this the cat that jumped on my lap three weeks in a row?”

“Yes,” was the response.

The next evening, that cat was in my flat and in my life. We’ve since relocated from Darwin to Melbourne and this gorgeous critter is still in my life.

An odd thing, though: Bonnie’s first approach to me was a lap cat. She’s the least lap-cat cat in the world. She likes to be close to you – she doesn’t like being on you.

You are adored my dear Bonnie. Here’s to many more years to come.

This is one of my favourite images of my Bonnie.
My Bonnie

And this is another – Bonnie giving the side-eye.

And this is a slideshow of Bonnie (as well as a few images of Ganzou, who is no longer in our life):

If your browser doesn’t display this slideshow, you can visit this link to see all of the images.

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4 Responses to Happy Fourteen Years My Dear Bonnie

  1. Gary Ray R says:

    I still have fond memories of Michael and Hazel, a pair of cats that I had in Hawaii for 10 years. Got them as way too young kittens, just left on road. I raised them like dogs, they lived outside as Angie is allergic to cats. They had a little cat house they lived in and loved being outdoors, it was Hawaii and we lived in the rainforest and had a covered porch. They would race down our driveway meowing loudly when I came home from school and work. Michael would jump up in my lap immediately and Hazel just like to be close to me. Hazel looked a little like your Bonnie. Michael was a pure bred Siamese. Gorgeous blue eyes and loud as hell.
    Cats are good for the soul.

  2. Aline says:

    Happy belated B-day Bonnie!! Beautiful memories shared Charles dear. Yes, on many more years with beautiful moments to treasure to come!! ♥

  3. C R Strebor says:

    Thank you, Aline.

  4. C R Strebor says:

    Michael and Hazel were very lucky to have claimed you as their hooman.

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