6 months in the Garden

I thought I’d start this post with a few pictures taken of my front garden shortly after I moved into my flat, in February of this year:

beginning of gardening project - just a few pots moved in

another step in the gardening project - a few more pots moved in, bamboo screen up - shall be a jungle by this time next year

I’ve started with those images as I look at them often to remind me of how far my garden has come in the past six months.  Basically, the garden contained not much more than 15 or thereabouts palm trees (coconut, carpentaria and foxtail) and lots of weeds.  My previous flat didn’t have a garden to speak of, just a front and back courtyard that didn’t leave a lot of room to manoeuvre, so I was quite pleased to have found a place that had lots of potential (in real-estate speak).

In these past six months I’ve concentrated on getting the gardens (front, side and back) populated with enough greenery such that, when the Wet Season arrives all I will need to do is prune back everything that is growing.  I’ve mulched 2/3 of the garden with at least a foot of lucerne; put in a compost bin that is providing me with good soil to then put around the planted-out areas; weeded the existing garden beds; and put in close to a hundred plants of various types.

Front GardenIn most things, I don’t like red: it just doesn’t fit into my colour spectrum.  When it comes to the garden, however, I adore the many, many shades of red that are produced by various plants.  The Justicia to your right was one of the first flowering plants that I purchased from the markets for the garden.  Unfortunately, a frond from one of the above-mentioned palms managed to smash both the flowers to the point of not being rescue able.  Fortunately, the frond didn’t completely ruin the plant and it has three branches remaining that should flower in the near future.

Front GardenThe most recent flowering addition to my garden is this Sunmandecrim mandevilla, which was only added yesterday. I’m hoping that over time it will grow up around the back of the pond, covering the security mesh on the windows. Time will tell.

Front Garden As well as the plants that are either in pots or have been put into the ground, I’ve also installed a pond which me provides me with hours of enjoyment, amusement and relaxation.  It, too, is full of a variety plants including reeds, papyrus and two varieties of a native lilly pad (of which I’m very much looking forward to seeing the flowers).

With this pond, since it provides me with hours of entertainment, I’ve also created a Pond Cam of which the image is updated regularly whilst I’m online as well as a growing collection of videos from different times of the day/week.  I’m looking forward to the Wet Season starting such that I can make a video of the torrent of rain that falls from the skies during that time of the year.  I’ll post about that plenty, no doubt.

Before I end this post, I thought I’d do a quick summary of some of the plants that are growing in the various sections of my garden before ending with a few pictures taken yesterday and today to give you an idea, particularly when compared with the first two images in this post, of just how good my garden is looking.  So the list: papaya (about 50 of them, ranging in height from a seedlings that are a few inches to a foot tall to a few trees that are from two to six foot in height; Thai coriander, Vietnamese mint, Ceylon spinach, Darwin lettuce, mints (several), several ground covers, passion-fruit (the larger of which has grown from a foot in height when first put in the ground to about six metres in length in parts), watermelon, Armenian cucumbers, elephant ears, succulents, a ficus-looking tree that is of the pea family (as yet unidentified), orchids, pandanas, lemon grass, cat grass, cat mint and two Euphorbias.  That list is not complete as there are more that I can’t recall at the moment, and quite a few seeds in seed trays that are yet to pop their heads out of the ground.

Front Garden
I’ll finish up with two photos taken from approximately the same place as the photos that began this post to give you a visual idea of the change that has occured in a six month period.

Front GardenI’m incredibly pleased with the way my garden is growing and I’m really looking forward to the Wet Season beginning – still a few months away yet – such that I can see if my planning and planting in preparation for the Wet has been as I had hoped.

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7 Responses to 6 months in the Garden

  1. dotlizard says:

    i think that is just purely awesome. i personally kill plants dead, i try not to but it’s just not in me. i’m more a pet person, thank goodness most of my pets are surviving 🙂

    seriously that is a lot of growing to do in a mere 6 months.

  2. Molay says:

    that’s awesome! such commitment is hard to find these days. and the outcome is utterly beautiful!

  3. Bri Jeni says:

    Your garden is just lovely. You can tell how much time and effort you put into it to make it such a perfect haven. You should be very proud! Thanks for sharing!

  4. WT says:

    Looking good Rantz!

  5. NikkiBikki says:

    Very Snazzy 🙂 nice work

  6. Tess says:

    What marvellous work you’ve done and it must be a truly lovely place to spend time. I wish I could get into my garden more often.

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