A 23 Story

23 Fetish Altar

Might as well start with a picture. This one is wordier than the other. But it still all boils down to: you find what are looking for.  But wait, there’s a bit before that.

I’m writing this post as a response to a query from various Plurkfiends over on on Plurk. I started reading William Burroughs around late 70s, early 80s.  Quickly worked my way through his tomes and then found some of his art at various libraries. Found some work he did with Brion Gysin.  23s began to become noticeable.

I then then fell in with a crowd of performance art type folk. Started spreading rumours about 23 about the place.  Met more artist type folk via mail art, continued spreading rumours about 23s.  People started giving me 23s around this time – late 80s. The 23s in the image at the this post are some of the many I’ve accumulated over the years.  Only two remain in my possession – the rest I’ve shipped to various parts of our big blue marble. I’ve put a note on the two I still have on this flickr page.  That’s a picture of Burroughs writing the 23 in the blue-ish image.

R A Wilson then starting going on about the illuminati and I was rather annoyed with this linkage with strange conspiracy theories.  Being more of the skeptical type, I’ll leave it to your googling to find about that association with 23.**

But that’s just obfuscation and another tangent – and only part of the 23 story.  Another part of the story is that I’ve created a flickr group where you’re asked to contribute a 23 on the 23rd of each and every month***

This all, of course is obfuscation and it’s all tangential.  I found 23s through William Burroughs, it grew from there and now I collect them – and have them collected for me.  I then re-distribute through various projects on the interwebz (eg Blog$hares, Plurk).  I started looking for them – I found them – I will keep finding them.  You find what you are looking for.

It’s as simple – or as complex – as that.  Really.

PS – 23? It’s a question, not an answer (see also 42).

PPS – William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, The X Files, Blog$hares, The Simpsons, #twenty-threes, Plurk, The Ghost Squad, Star Treks, The Color Purple, Rantz, Mail Art, Contests, Paper, 23 on the 23rd, 23K Chippies, Love/Pain Corp, ooowalhfof, Ultraspherical Narrative, This Is Not Art, Cut Up, disinformation, misinformation.

**Other than links to my own images, groups or rantz, I’m not putting links to anything – again – googleisyourfiend.
***I’ve one from an advent calendar for this year.****
****These annoying *s are yet more obfuscations and tangents – I’ll stop.

23 on the 23rd

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11 Responses to A 23 Story

  1. johng says:


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  3. stephen says:

    Finally I understand.

  4. Just J says:

    23 is all I ever see from sea to shining sea. 23 shall never leave me for it is all I ever see.

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  7. Numbers don’t count?

  8. Charles Strebor says:


    PS There are you yummy chocolates that shall be packed in Julia’s luggage. Three for each of you. Can’t them. Then eat them.

  9. Charles Strebor says:

    “Count them”, not “can’t them”.

  10. Gary Ray R says:

    A book, with 23 chapters, each with 23 paragraphs, each sentence contains 23 words and the title is 23 characters long. Could there be such a thing?

  11. C R Strebor says:

    Of course there could be such a thing. We may need to make it so.

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