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Pond Cam - reed gets a hair cut

I don’t see the pond from this angle when I’m feeding the fish, doing a bit of gardening or just sitting and watching the machinations of daily pond life.  If you visit that previous link, you’ll see the reed just before it had its haircut.  There were three lovely spiders attaching their webs to the reed, but I’m sure they’ll find more attachment points soon enough.

We had good rain most of last week, thanks to TC Billy.  Unfortunately, when the rains started, I started to feel achey.  Have spent lots of time composing lists in my head whilst laying on the sofa, staring at the ceiling through the ceiling fan.  Good thing about the rain – I wouldn’t have had the energy to do any watering that may have been required.  After a particularly miserable day yesterday, I have a wee bit of energy to do pond gardening today.  Cut the reed – as evident in the pictures on the Pond Cam page.  Changed the pond pump filter.  All sitting down, fortunately.  For the reed, I was sitting in a chair to the left of the image that you see in the Pond Cam.  The filter changing was done on one of those handy little garden kneeler/seats – you can either kneel on it with your knees or, turned the other way up, si on your bum.  Comfortable, right height – but a bit precarious on the hay.

That’s the extent of the physical gardening I’ve done in the past ten days – two whole chores!  It’s thundering in the distance and we’ve already had two little rains today – would be grand to see more of that.

On another tangent of sit down gardening, I have, of course, a whole list of gardening chores to attend to when I have the energy:

  • pick up palm fronds, coconuts and remove squazillions of palm seedlings;
  • spread compost (compost bin one) over/around papaya, passion fruit, herbs and salad vegetables;
  • plant sweet potato (next to compost bin two);
  • check on newest papaya seedlings – sewn just before the rains started, should be something already or soon; and
  • mow the lawn (it’s a small patch and I’ve a push mower – won’t take long but does need way more energy than I have at the moment);

And that’s just the list for the back garden.

On faces – anyone other than me see Dave Stewart in this Pond Cam image:

Pond Cam - is that Dave Stewart?

Shall I put the original on e-bay and try to sell it?

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2 Responses to Sit Down Gardening

  1. I can see a face in there but the hair is more Rod Stewart than Dave Stewart and he is a bit green around the gills.

    Shelley (aka Soulcreates)’s last blog post..The Rough Cut

  2. Rantz says:

    That’s a bit frightening, Shelley. I can now seen Rod there with Dave. Dave’s behind Rod’s right shoulder. A wee bit disconcertingly close, methinks.

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