My Oldest Possession(s)

My Oldest Possession
These are my juggling balls. I’ve had them since June 1986, when I purchased them from a magic/circus shop in the Melbourne CBD.

I’m not a grand juggler by any stretch of the imagination:  I taught myself to juggle from a book when I was eight years old.  It took me a while to learn but, like riding a bicycle, I haven’t forgotten.  I juggle a little bit every day and I’ve also moved onto other skill toys (eg pois, fire pois, diablo, devil’s sticks) but it’s these balls that keep me interested in hand-eye coordination and proprioception.

Given I’m 44 at time of writing this, I’ve had these dear balls for more than half of my life: they’ve survived my house buring down, they’ve travelled the world and one of them almost became lost in Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic Island (poor thing was gone for three days and I just happened to kick it out of the sand whilst walking along the beach – grand find, that).

These balls will be with me when I’m cremated: they are for my fun and I’ll take them with me even though I don’t believe in an afterlife.

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8 Responses to My Oldest Possession(s)

  1. Very cool! Would love a video of you juggling. 🙂

  2. Rantz says:

    I’ve got a few videos of me playing with other skill toys – but none of me juggling. Never realised – or even thought about it – until now.

  3. gina70r says:

    that is a great story! I also would love to see a video : )

  4. Tony says:

    Yep. now is the chance to try out that unused feature of the D90. The video bit.

  5. wendishness says:

    I’d love to see you playing with the other toys, very cool stuff indeed! Why not get cremated with them, my teddy is coming in the big oven with me! I bet that since you’ve had them so long too, they would feel just right for you.

  6. Jay R. says:

    I would love to see some video of you juggling.

  7. Rantz says:

    Tony: I’ve used the feature – but for waves at various beaches – far prettier than my juggling.

    Wendy: my god-sons get dibs on the other skill toys – they’ll probably have them wayyyyy before my death.

  8. Rantz says:

    Well… I go to to sleep, wake up and there are lots of requests to see me juggling. I’m not sure what I think abou that.


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