The Holga Lens Boils Water

When I buy a kettle, I expect it to boil water – that is, I expect it to do what it is meant to do. For me, the Holga HL-N boils water.

I enjoy a whole range of art, photographic and otherwise.  With photography, I like shooting both film and digitally.  One of the things that I like about the Holga HL-N is that I get results that are pseudo-film-like without having to wait for the processing. The film photography that I particularly enjoy is of the lomography school – I also like digital lomography, street-photography and I even enjoy gigapixel panoramas with incredible detail.  I tell you all of this as it may help you to understand why I like the Holga HL-N.

Young CharlesBefore the lens arrived, I already knew that one of the first things I wanted to shoot with it was the bust of Charles Darwin (a part of the Beagle Bells sculpture) that is in Civic Park in the Darwin CBD.

I’ve shot this bust many times since it was launched and the lens performed exactly as expected, providing me with yet another interpretation of one of my favourite sculptures in Darwin. The water is boiling.

For those familiar with my photography, you know that I am keen on documenting cables and the poles that hold them aloft in all their glory. I have documented cables throughout Darwin and across Australia with a variety of cameras and techniques.

HOLGAed This particular utility pole and the cables it hold aloft is one that I document regularly.

With this shot, I particularly like the flatness of the colour of the sky and the softness/blurriness of the pole.

This lens is a 60mm f/8 (though the EXIF data will always show F/0 as there is no CPU).  You can change the length of exposure and to focus you use the standard Holga Zone method.

If you’re looking for a kettle that boils water, this lens is for you.  If you want something different, you might wish to look at espresso makers.

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  1. col says:

    i was going to get one (and i still might…love the results you’re getting) but i went for a holga 120n film camera…like i don’t have enough of them…

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