Casuarina Coastal Reserve – March 2013

Casuarina Coastal Reserve: March 2013
The images for this equirectangular panorama were shot today during my lunch-time walkabout at the Casuarina Coastal Reserve – 8 images (6 around, 1 one, 1 down), handheld, stiched with AutoPano and edited in GIMP to remove my feet.

The interactive versions are available after the jump: you can see the difference that three months of Wet Season – though rather dry in comparison to the past few years – makes by visiting this equirectangular shot in December 2012.

If you’d prefer a full-screen Flash version, you can get that here (3.6 Mb).

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2 Responses to Casuarina Coastal Reserve – March 2013

  1. Just J says:

    I love these. I wish I had the patience to put them together

  2. Charles Strebor says:

    Thank you Jay – much appreciated.

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