World Photography Day 2013

Coming Down!
The above image is my entry for World Photography Day 2013 and was shot this morning whilst at the Jingili Water Gardens for my morning session of World Photography day, along with other images which you’ll be able to see in the slideshow at the bottom of this post.

The plan – for this evening – was to go to the beach and do a bit of playing with the pois after sunset.  Shot a few images with Roger, a few images with Derek and set up Derek for the long exposures -and then awaited sunset and points beyond.  But yes, oh crikey, the mosquitoes decided to join me.  Even with mosquito repellant – no, too much.  Maybe next year?

Two wee things, though, that I’m rather confused about with regard to this day:

  1. This project is organised by a gentleman from Australia yet uses legislation from the United States with regard to copyright; and
  2. 19 August is designated as World Photography Day yet one can upload images not shot on the day.

With 1. above, I find this confusing.  With 2. above, I find this odd – perhaps I’ve grown used to participating and contributing to various photography days over the years to the point that I’ve become somewhat of a purist* in that the images are either made on the day or they are not. If they are made on the day, it makes sense that they would be part of the gallery.  If not, not.

World Photography on the Interwebz:

The images below are those that I’ve shot for this worldwide event:

*Purist? Me? Yeah, I know – I hear you.

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