23 Years

Fritz at Rose Bay
Meet Fritz – he’s a Schnauzer – and he’s not only a good boy, he can also be a good sphinx. Really.

On a Bin
On a Bin – a special image to mark 23 years since Izzie and I first met. We’ve spent time together in most Australian capital cities as well as in London. Who would have thought, all those years ago, that we’d still be alive? Well – we are – and we managed to catch up again in Sydney in August whilst I was there for a work-related seminar.

At Rose Bay - B
Whilst in Sydney, Izzie and his partner were kind enough to let me stay at their abode as well as take me to a few of their favourite spots, including a walk with Fritz at Rose Bay, which is one of Izzie’s favourite spots.

Thank you Izzie – I’m looking forward to another 23 years of friendship.

Colo(u)r Run - Finish - IV
And this rather colourful and messy young lad was one of the participants at the end of a run that raised dollars for the Cure For Life Foundation. Rather grand timing this run, as it meant Julia and Kim were also visiting from Brisbane so we got to catch up as well.

The slideshow below is of all of the images shot whilst visiting the big smoke.

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