Tis now but twigs.

Was The Branch

This branch – or That Branch – is a wee bit like That Window and That Sunrise – it’s one of those things that must be shot. Often.

AbsolutesThat Branch had many shapes: twas capable of looking like whatever you could find it looking like. From a rhino to a pastry brush, from a fish in a pond to a gorilla in the clouds.

The Branch is BackFrom a unicorn that melds into a dragon to a GPS sattelite in near-space or a perfect resting spot for reading your favourite novels: if you could see it, the branch would be it.

There's a Gap in Your Heart
There was, of course, a favourite spot to shoot That Branch – the spot where you got the heart: if you’ve been branched, you’ve been loved.

<3lessAlas, unlike That Window and That Sunrise, This Branch was too have a much shorter time frame in my photographic timeline. When the image to your right was posted on G+, Fiona commented “#thatbranch has sailed into #thatblue . Bye, bye branch, I still love you <3 <3 <3” to which I responded “#thatbranch is still there – remnants, but still there.

I was, alas and sadly, wrong: Fiona was correct to say bye – That Branch has left the building.

Time keeps ticking forward at its steady pace
Unless of course a shifting speed traversed in space
What awaits us, one more turn around the bend
Another curve, an endless end.
~ a quarternearly by +Jacob Dix

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