World Pinhole Day 2014

Colour Sunset with Leakage - 2This is my favourite image shot during this year’s Worlwide Pinhole Photography Day (27 April 2014) and it is the one that I have submitted to the site for inclusion in their gallery of pinhole images from around the world. The image was shot using william Pearl a handmade pinhole camera constructed out of cardboard. The film used for this particular image was a Fujifilm E6 and the leakage isn’t from the camera but from the film failing to roll onto the takeup reel appropriately as well as my failing to notice same. The exposure was for 8 seconds.

I started the day by getting up way before sunrise such that I could head to the footbridge over the mouth of Rapid Creek so as to get a few glorious sunrise images shot with the pinhole attached to Derek’s body cap. The images shot this way looked okay when chimped on Derek’s LCD so I was quite chuffed with myself for the planning, organising and getting up early to make the best of the day.

Alas, the images did not turn out the way I had expected. Whilst an idea of the scene was there, it wasn’t the idea that I had wanted to shoot for the day. Fortunately, william Pearl saved the day – at least for me – and I am more than chuffed with the images that dear william helped me make.

Mono Sunset
This is my other favourite image from the day: I like how the clouds hover around the seascape. It was shot using william Pearl with Kodak TMAX 100 film with an exposure of 10 seconds.

From sunrise at one end of the Nightcliff Foreshore to sunset at the other end, WPPD 2014 was a beautiful experience and I am much looking forward to next year.

And the above slideshow contains all of the images shot on the day with both the pinhole shots from Derek as well as the film shots from william Pearl.

And for the Flickr’ish views:

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