TL;DR Don’t Ever Do That Again

Terrance, h3rg1dri529 and I rode to the post office and shops. We walked home. Not too far from home, Terrance’s basket snapped. In the middle of the road. Whilst we were walking through the bicycle/pedestrian crossing with a red light.
I knew when I talked out of the shops and attach the shopping (including 42 litres of cat litter) to Terrance’s basket that we would be walking home. Far too unstable with that weight. Fortunately, Terrance’s water bottle was full and h3rg1dri529 always enjoys being out and about (plotting, no doubt). We arrived at the pedestrian/biker crossing for the light. THe light changed, we made it half-way over the crossing and then a wee crash, with Terrance’s basket (and the shopping) on the ground and Terrance (and h3rg1dri529) and I upright.

We went to the pedestrian/bike refuge in the middle of the road and I quickly retrieved the shopping from the middle of the crossing, locked Terrance and crew and basket to the railing.

The shopping (including the cat litter) and I then walked home where I rehydrated and cooled down with a quick showering of the head and chest and walked back to retrieve Terrance and crew. Crikey. A cool shower and a soak in the tub are next on the menu.

This is our journey – the aerial flyover is amusing:

Note to self: Don’t ever do that again.

And for the Flickr’ish views:

PS I’m glad I was wearing my sexy, black compression stockings.

PPS I only smashed my right calf into the left pedal 7 times.

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