2014: rantz – a review

Beard Oil
Ah…. 2014. The year that saw my beard getting the oil that it so very much deserved: Original Beard Oil from The Bearded Chap.

Yes, that is correct: Thanks to the We Are Australia (a rotating account on Twitter) and The Sugar Doctor, I managed to find a beard oil that is perfect in so many, many ways. I’m now on my fourth bottle – which is almost finished – and I imagine I will be using it for some time to come.

My second most popular post for 2014 was Stolen – a post about an image that I made in 2010 that is the image that has been stolen and re-distributed across the interwebz more than any other of my images. Since that post, I’ve found the same image on more than a few new pages and have done everything that I can to get it removed. In most instances, this has been a successful endeavour though I do realise it is an ongoing battle that will never end. Such is art.

My third most popular post in 2014 was New Year’s Day Photowalk, featuring images from the day and evening of photowalking in Mordiallic and Mentone. The day started with rain, continued with rain and ended with rain. Said rain did not stop the photowalking, the poi play nor the fun that seems to happen when there are those artsy-fartsy photographist-types hanging around. Thank crikey for that. Also, there will be another event at Mentone on Saturday, 17 January 2015 to celebrate my 50th journey around Sol – your presence would be much enjoyed.

My fourth most read post for 2014 was Urbexing Geelong – a collection of images from a journey through an abandoned building with the most handsome, curious and demanding guide one can possibly image. Stay away from the edges – listen to what your guide tells you.

My fifth most popular post for 2014? Going all the way back to 2007, the Worlds’ Most Beautiful Cat Eyes, of course.

And now? And now it is 2015 – I look forward to the treasures you will be bring.

And for the Flickr’ish views:

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