Bon Sauvage

Bon Sauvage
On the way home from work this afternoon, I stopped on the Rapid Creek pedestrian/bicycle bridge for one of my favourite views of the beautiful place where I live. As is my wont.

Once Terrance (the Townie – my bicycle) and I came to a rest so as to enjoy the view, I noticed a fulla to my left and gave the standard nod as he was talking on his phone in what I assume to be Yolŋu-matha as, from appearance, he was most likely from Arnhem Land. I then continued on with my business of having a gander at the stormy sea and skies and got Roger (my phone) out to make a few images. As I was doing this, a couple of tourists, Scandinavian by appearance though I couldn’t begin to guess which Scandinavian country, stopped on my right and began speaking in a language of which I am unsure. We gave the appropriate nod and they informed me – in English – that it was rather special that they stopped here as they got to hear a real Aboriginal paying respect to the sea.

“He’s talking on his phone”, I said. They didn’t seem to understand so we continued to talk for a few more minutes and I explained that he wasn’t, as far as I could tell, paying respect to the sea but that he was talking on his phone. Their very white skin – way whiter than mine even after years of living in the tropics – made for the perfect canvas for the red to show brilliantly as they blushed to high heaven.

If you’d like more information on Bon Sauvage – or The Noble Savage – you can find that here, here or here.

And for the Flickr’ish views:

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