Orbs Through Holes (1 to 9)

Orbs Through Holes #Pinhole #WPPD (7 of 9)
The last Sunday in April of every year is
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. I participated again this year and this is my chosen image (7 of 9) for the gallery from the day. You can find my image on the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day here.

#Viddy Ready For @PinholeDayAnd this is the camera that I used. I had intended on using a handmade pinhole but one of the kittehs decided she really, really liked it (yes – said kitteh has now eaten three handmade pinhole cameras – tis what I get for leaving said cameras in an easily accessible spot instead of putting them out of reach). My construction of said camera was – as it turns out – a wee bit dodgy. Instead of getting an image through the pinhole, my images were of the inside of the camera with a small portal viewing of the object I was intending to image.

The object in the image is a 100mm clear orb with various LED lights placed and moving around it. Though the construction of camera was a bit shoddy and the results not what I intended, I’m chuffed with the results.

ISO 400 colour film, 50 sec exposure.

This slideshow is of all nine of the images shot on the day:

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2 Responses to Orbs Through Holes (1 to 9)

  1. Gary Ray says:

    Very nice Charles.
    I looked at a number of other Pinhole camera shots, and there were many good ‘snapshots’ but only a few that were “Art”.
    Yours are some of the best.

  2. Charles Strebor says:

    Your words… they inspire me. They do. Thank you.
    PS I’ve been making Biscuits & Gravy once a fortnight – I reckon I’ve got it in my head as memory now. I must write a post. 😉

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