It Has Become

On Becoming
At the time of sunrise, looking westwardish whilst on the Dripstone Cliffs at the Casuarina Coastl Reserve.

Small incremental changes gradually changed, but much faster than the number of different projects. Politics is the word used as a synonym for the degree. Instead, some of the changes in the control environment and systems horse project (planning) for the price increase. The process of stress, growth, important that all reasonable steps. If space or full time to time in question, the concentration of power in Bourg. Development mathematics building, slowly but surely moving forward. Created expected, the company measured. Finding the perfect cover, tea, limited, industry, system, control, control, mixing, beats, Pat, derided in the ovenº

And a slideshow of the album, such that you can savour the incremental changes slowly, at your leisure:

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º Words about incremental change, translated from English to German to Hebrew to Swahili to Haitian Creole to Afrikaans to Esperanto to Spanish to Kurmanji to Corsican and then, finally, back to English.

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