Foolish Donkey – We Came Back Edition

We Came Back

The land and the creek near CERES were very polluted. We couldn’t find food to eat or places for our nests so we left. Lots of people worked together cleaning up the mess and planting lots of plants. We came back again.

A good reason to celebrate!

You can find more information about CERES on this link.

The Foolish Donkey has made its decision that this image is special.

What is this Foolish Donkey of which I speak? The Foolish Donkey is a term that I’ve long associated with Flickr’s Explore algorithm(s?).

It can mean whatever you wish it to mean and you can view the images that the Foolish Donkey has decided are noteworthy below.

If your browser doesn’t display this slideshow, you can visit this link to see all of the images.

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