#EmpireRone is Mr Rabbit

Rabbit Time

I am Mr Rabbit.

I was created by Melbourne artist Peter McLisky (now deceeased). I was gifted to the current person who looks after me as a birthday gift some years back. I was then taken to Darwin, where my current guardian then lived, before I took a journey around the world. I visited India, I visited Europe, I visited North America and then I returned to Australia, where I visited Canberra and then Melbourne before returning to Darwin. When my current guardian moved back to Melbourne, I took that journey, too.

I am Mr Rabbit.

How, I hear you asking in that head of yours, is #EmpirRone Mr Rabbit? Hold up, hold up – don’t be in such a rush.

I, the current guardian of Mr Rabbit, was gifted a visit to see Rone‘s most recent work by a mate at the beginning of March. Having visited the grounds of Burnham Beeches over the years, it was good to finally get a proper glimpse inside the mansion.

Arriving early, my mate and I wandered about the grounds before going inside. It was shortly after going inside that I made the connection between #EmpireRone and Mr Rabbit: Homo sapiens sapiens will put their own meaning on anything and everything that they possibly can.

#EmpireRone Stairway

“It’s not very diverse – he only paints white women.”

The faces in this exhibition are of one woman – Lily Sullivan. I’m more than certain that Rone would be accused of cultural appropriation for painting women that were other than white, given Rone’s skin colouration.

#EmpireRone Drinking Room

#EmpireRone Dining Room

#EmpireRone Piano Room

#EmpireRone Typing Room

#EmpireRone Blue Room

#EmpireRone Curtained Room

#EmpireRone #Pinhole Entrance
Having had more than enough of Homo sapiens sapiens and their need to inform anyone who would listen what was meant by this particular piece of painting or that particular branch floating above the painting or the meaning of the broken glass on the tables, I ventured outside to await my mate who has better abilities at coping with Homo sapiens sapiens and their foibles to make a pinhole image of the entrance. Whilst doing so, I was approached by a fine specimen of the Homo sapiens sapiens species who asked me what I was doing. When I told her I was making a pinhole image using film, she informed me:

You do know that digital cameras make better images these days, don’t you?

#36photo #36photo2017 (18 of 36)
Now back to Mr Rabbit and how he relates to #EmpireRone:

While on a photowalk I happened upon one of those groups . You know the ones. The ones that follow a artistic leader and that person interprets the art they find in the Street. These people are pretentious know nothing bone heads who often pretend a connection with the artist. This group was interpreting a painted over rabbit stuck on the wall. I’m quite familiar with this rabbit and indeed this sticker. So I listened while the interpretation occurred. At the end I suggested he was a pretentious cunt who knew nothing because it’s just a rabbit. In fact it’s Mr Rabbit. A bit miffed at being called out he asked how I know better than him since I know everything. My only answer was to peel the backing off a fresh Mr Rabbit sticker and stick him over the painted version. See just Rabbit. Cunt.

You can see the rest of my images from #EmpireRone in the slideshow below.

If your browser doesn’t display this slideshow, you can visit this link to see all of the images.

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  1. Aline says:

    Beautiful post! With joy I’ve read all the words written..

  2. Charles Strebor says:

    Thank you, Aline. ‘Twas a beaut experience.

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