World Pinhole Day 2019 – Mr Rabbit, Leaking

Mr Rabbit, Leaking #ONDUPinhole #Pinhole #WPPD2019

This is one of four images shot for this year’s World Pinhole Day and it is the image that has been selected as the image to upload to World Pinhole Day website (you will be able to see the image on that link once the Pinhole Day team have had time to check the image and approve it).

I had difficulty in deciding which image to choose as my entry for this year’s Pinhole Day so I took the easy way out: I let The Twitters decide via a poll. 43% of respondents chose Mr Rabbit, Leaking . You can see other images I have made over the past eight years of Mr Rabbit on this link.

Archive link

The image that came second was Drivin’ ’round the ‘hoods with 27% of votes:
Drivin' 'round the 'hoods

The image that came third was In Betweeness with 18% of votes:
In Betweenness

The image that came fourth was Batman Avenue Bridge with 12% of votes:
Batman Avenue Bridge
Interesting, for me, was that this was the only image that I had planned and it was the image that I wanted to work – it didn’t, in my not-so-humble opinion.

And this is Woody, on of my ONDUPinhole cameras, choc-a-block with Velvia 100 film, that made all four of these images:
Woody + Velvia 100 #Pinhole
You can see more images of Woody as images shot by Woody on this link.

This is my image for last year’s World Pinhole Day:
Sydney & Brunswick Roads - Pinhole Day 2018

And this image, one of the favourite images that I have made in almost fourty years of making images with cameras, is my entry for the 2017 World Pinhole Day:
Lygon & Brunswick

Thank you for taking the time to read my words and enjoy my images: I could use your support to help keep this website running, to buy film, and to buy paint for my paintings. You can send me your hard-earned dollars via this link – thanks for considering.

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