#MAGA #Beardo

Animation of multiple selfies that have been deeply dreamed - Make America Gay Again
Make America Gay Again. What? You mean America was never gay? Dang. Thanks for letting me know.

In the late seventies, my grandmother saw a picture of me and my boyfriend together. “I told you he was queer,” my gran said to an aunt. That wasn’t an insult, it was the word she knew. For many years, I was more than happy to call myself queer. These days, what with the ideological slant that this word has taken thanks to the corruption of needed social justice by the Critical Social Justice theorists, if you call me ‘queer’, you’re insulting me. Be prepared for the response – you won’t like it.

I’m a poofter, a faggot, a male homosexual.

Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay. Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay. Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay. Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay.Gay.

#Beardo #MAGA

Source image – with many thanks to the fabulous Adam for the fabulous #MAGA hat.

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  1. C R Strebor says:

    Thank you, Aline.

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