Found Film Files: Folio

23 images of found film as animation

Finding what you are looking for when visiting an opportunity shop is one of the best things that one can experience. Finding film in old metal canisters is an ever better thing that one can experience. Realising that some of the film has already been shot is the betterest of experiences.

Found Film Files - Three

Take that film by bicycle or foot to your nearest hipster-friendly developers. Get it developed. Await the email from your hipster-friendly developer letting you know that your files are ready.

Found Film Files - Seventeen

Download those files as developed by your hipster-friendly developer. Gander at your screen in awe of the beauty before you.

Found Film Files - Twenty-three

Open up your preferred image-processing software. Open it up good and proper. Layer them images, layer them good and proper.

All of the images used in this post can be viewed at full-size on Flickr.

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