This Time Last Year

There’s now a cat’s claw (also known as a valor locking plate) that is now inside my body, attached the bones in my left wrist and hand.

This time last year, I was less than a quarter of a way through my commute to the working place and WHAM. The commute rapidly came to an end.

I was riding through the pedestrian/cyclist right-of-way – where the young lad and his dad are in this image – and the taxi driver failed to stop.

Remember, Remember, February not November
After he smashed me and my bicycle (Terrance the Townie) to the ground, he then tried to drag me off the road by the wrist that was already well and truly smashed. I’m thankful for the cyclist who was cycling the opposite way to the way the taxi driver was heading who stopped and got the taxi driver away from me. I’m also thankful for the taxi driver’s passenger who got out of the taxi and rang an ambulance. Over the coming short while, the taxi driver abused the cyclist, his passenger and, eventually, the paramedics who were helping me. You will never be forgotten, Zihni.

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