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We are everywhere

Odôrôêâûx: This species evolved on a high gravity world and has a long, slender body with up to 23 legs (depending on an individual’s age and sex). Although they appear to be anatomically similar to centipedes, they do not have exoskeletons but rather cartilaginous skeletons surrounded by soft tissue and leathery skin. They have never invented automobiles. They have only recently invented the carriage. They are to be avoided, as currently there is a plague on their home-world.

The Vrokgan
The Vrokgan: Gooey herbivores who have 2,670 teeth. They disintegrate if injured. A mother abandons her offspring just after birth. It will be raised by the father.

Trëējüúćlïärś: Tough skinned bovines with big bushy beards. They secrete poisonous toxins. They have an opposable thumb. They are cold-blooded and must bask in sunlight (or a heat lamp) every morning.

Odorlites-zôquez: Hirsute urchins who have 360-degree vision. Their civilization is clan-based and highly fractured. They have not yet developed space flight capability. They recycle everything and produce no waste.

Catajoren: Canine-like urchins who usually lose up to a third of their body weight when they defecate. They have an extremely low-tech civilization and do not build their own starships, but they have been known to pirate alien trading vessels. Often, they are made slaves by other species.


Luxtions: Hard-shelled beings who have flanges. They are dedicated to imposing their values of the acquisition of shiny objects on other species. They are experts in robotics and export artificially intelligent machines to neighbouring civilizations.

Be’lit-sions: Cephalopod-like tardigrades who have large wings. Their claws are strong enough to open a Dalek. They love Daleks. They have recently discovered hyper-space travel.

The Primordial Odogrens
The Primordial Odogrens: Mauve herbivores who have a deep voice. They are extremely ticklish. Their society is organized into several religious factions, each ruled by either a high priestess or a council of religious elders. Some religious groups actively promote the ritual killing of other life forms. They can smell blood and are extremely attracted to it.

Volaico-aelans Dret Cíîįîon
Volaico-aelans Dret Cíîįîon: Colourful bipeds who have translucent skin. Their culture is highly competitive and places a great deal of emphasis on competitive mind games. All individuals play some form of sport, though only the chosen are permitted to engage in intellectual games. Contact sports are extremely violent. Their leaders are selected by way of lottery. In order to win a position in the government those chosen by lottery are then made sterile. They reproduce by spawning.

Vul’ok: A race of molluscs with giant molars. They secrete poisonous toxins. Sex is extremely important in their society and is used as a form of social ranking.

Ke’aveola-Ka’aveole: A race of bovids with large, hairy ears. They have no anus and never defecate. They recycle everything & produce no waste. They are incredibly argumentative.

Ká’àîññū: Dense canines who have tough skin. They cannot survive in oxygen-rich atmospheres. Their tails continue growing throughout their entire lives, and the length of an individual’s tail can be a good indicator of age.

Teraorni: Eight-legged lizards who have powerful jaws. They live for over 1,000 years. Their warriors follow a very honorable code, like that of a disciplined samurai or knight. They are extremely tasty and are considered a delicacy across the quadrant.

Temerqun: They are worms with flaky skin. They are ruled by another species. They control an empire of eight conquered worlds and they rarely leave their home planet. Instead they control their alien subjects using artificially intelligent robots and drones.

Olgturian: Human-like rattlesnakes who have no vocal chords. They communicate using sign-language. They are governed by a religious hierarchy. They are masters of manufacturing and use nanobots to create incredible ships and structures.

Gröqüwéń: Shy beings who have high-pitched voices. They eat their own babies. They can withstand incredible damage before dying and they even seem to enjoy pain. They are to be avoided as currently there is a plague on their homeworld.

Gbians-bles: A race of clouds with telepathic abilities. They constructed a dyson sphere around their sun. They only pose a mild threat.

Zey’ok-lorians: Incestuous cyclopes who have grey skin. Their homeworld is rich with gold, which they use to build houses.

Tēłłāńñîöß: Burrowing marsupials who have thick woolly coats. The richest members of their societies ritually go on a pilgrimage to a waterfall in the mountains whenever there is an eclipse They are considered dangerous to bipedal specie.

Kaieks: Mostly gentle pseudo-molluscs who are nomadic. They wear leather made from the skins of their enemies and use carved clubs made from their parents’ bones as weapons. Weak members of their society are thought to be unholy and are killed.

Nirjuc: A species of holograms with incredibly long arms (six, in total). A social taboo forbids them to speak directly with members of the sam sex, of which they have five. They are able to see magnetic fields but not the colour we know as red.

Grel’ala: Calm pinnipeds who have chunky arms. They have to drink every 30 minutes or they die. They shed their skin once a month. They are ruled by a kind, supportive monarch.

Be’aelæ: Mammalian reptiles with wide hips. When an individual reaches a certain age, they plant themselves in fertile ground and remain there for the rest of their life.

Nelzuüć:Colourful rodents who have been made infertile due to high levels of pollution and will soon become extinct. The entire species is addicted to a plant pollon that is common on their world. The microscopic pollen is carried on the wind and reaches every island and continent. They have just invented the combustion engine.

The Ancient Glopans
The Ancient Glopans: Genetically enhanced porcines who have incredibly strong bones, sometimes these are used as a building material. They have latent telepathic abilities and live in the thick atmosphere of a carbon dioxide rich gas giant. They are not keen to trade with off-worlders.

Grelbon-urns: Mauve humanoids who have fantastic eyesight in the dark. They are experts in genetic manipulation and mind control and they have turned many of the animal species native to their home-world into workers and slaves.

Grozoik-jeks: Winged omnivores who eat only one type of fruit that lives far away. They travel the galaxy by hitchiking. They have never needed religion.

Teröaãveola: Cheeky tardigrades who have iridescent scales. They reproduce asexually in autumn and sexually in spring. They can withstand incredible damage before dying. They enjoy pain. These latter two are related.

Grelajoren: Transparent, worm-like beings who secrete sweaty pellets to attract mates. They wear chainmail and use sonic weapons. Their only currency is temporal crystals. They invented war a million years before Homo sapiens sapiens came into existence.

Binekruts: An unusual species with five spider-like legs around a thin perpendicular stalk of a body. Three small arms are attached to the base of the body and are tipped by tiny pincers. A single large compound eye is balanced on top. They are bisexual and lay clutches of soft eggs. Their civilization is dedicated to annihilating all other intelligent life in the galaxy They grow hair in winter, but this sheds in spring. They share their homeworld with another intelligent species, to which they are subordinate. They smell like raspberries.

Tombon-gex Tombon-gex: Burrowing pinnipeds who have constant hunger for nicotine. They live in small herds called ‘gobs’. A mother abandons her offspring just after birth. It will be raised by the siblings. They have recently invented time travel.

Moaveola: Soft hypochondriacs who are experts in genetic engineering and modify their own genomes as a form of self expression. They love scones and rhubarb. When they die, they turn to stone.

Bößãvēœłæ: Day-glow worms who live in metal and stone houses. Their currency is the bones of their ancestors. They are the most deadly creature on their planet.

Gro’alaxiâ: Invisible snakes who don’t require an atmosphere to breathe and can survive in the vacuum of space. Their children are extremely aggressive. They are so dangerous that their parents must keep them locked in isolation until they reach maturity. They are reasonably good at operating heavy machinery, this has become their major talent.

Osakruts: A race of felines with three horns on their head. They have no homeworld and attack spaceships throughout the galaxy. They are symbolically ruled by a democratically-elected vegetable. They only live three years.

Bol’zed: A race of creatures with long tails (usually three, sometimes more, never less) with deadly spikes on the end. They smell like potassium. A social taboo forbids them to speak directly with members of other species. They have several concept of ownership.

Moneks: Color-blind cyborgs who have weak legs. They evolved in a different galaxy. These time-travelers originate in the distant future. When their home-world was destroyed by a natural disaster, they traveled millions of years back in time to found a new empire in the here and now. Having long ago mastered the intricacies of time-travel, they now sell the ability to alter history to other species. The price for this service is extremely high and they, of course, make sure that any changes will not adversely affect their own history.

Ba’öons-lorùiænś: Fruit-like bovines who have multiple detachable tails. They drink a wine fermented from their own faeces. The drink is a powerful intoxicant. While originally used for ceremonial purposes, it has since become a popular recreational drug. It is fatal to non-Ba’öons-lorùiænś.

Moainöäïńôâîñ: Hard-skinned felines who have razor-sharp teeth. They are obsessed with puzzles and games of mental arithmetic, which are considered to be works of art. Their entire society has been ‘gameified’. A strict social code governs everything they do. In their society, etiquette is taken just as seriously as criminal law. They are incredibly argumentative.

The Tera'alázaâzà
The Tera’alázaâzà: Apelike bovids who can eat a motor vehicle in one mouthful. They live in herds. They are to be avoided at all costs.

Tomgan: A race of aliens with bushy mustaches. They produce silk from glands in their abdomens. They can heal twice as fast as a Human

Luxeuxx: A sentient species with five arachnid-like legs around a thin perpendicular stalk of a body. Four small arms are attached to the base of the body and are tipped by microscopic pincers. A single large compound eye is balanced on top. They reproduce by budding. They bathe in chocolate. Their currency is based around sexual favours.

Kai’ok: Sticky pseudo-humanoids who have blistered skin and puss-filled buboes caused by the planet’s radiation. They have 4 sets of genitalia. They make cheese from the mothers’ milk. This fetches a high price in interstellar markets.

Nïrtùrrįäæñńïr: Carnivorous cats who have the ability to fly. Their culture is highly competitive and places a great deal of emphasis on competitive sports and games. Most individuals play some form of sport, whether it is a physical game or an intellectual game. Contact sports are extremely popular, as are games of strategy. Their leaders are selected by way of a sporting tournament. In order to win a position in the government, players must prove themselves in a variety of different sports, including both physical and mental challenges. They live in a vast network of caverns beneath the surface of their homeworld.

The Symbiotic Têéræåôœrs
The Symbiotic Têéræåôœrs: Winged snake-like mammals who have two sets of teeth. Their homeworld is located extremely close to the centre of the galaxy. They explode if stabbed.

Bloeax: Hairless marsupials who live in semi-dry holes. They are natural thespians. Many of their technological advancements are in the field of negative energy manipulation. They are mostly harmless.

We are everywhere


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