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With the advice of billythekid and the software provided by Yawcam, my Pond Cam is now active. The camera will move every now and again, depending on my mood and the configuration of the plants in my pond, and the image will be updated every 230 seconds whilst I have the camera on.

At the moment (until I get better lighting), this will be primarily during the day as I haven’t as yet properly configured the setup for a low-light environment. You may wish to visit Pond Cam every now and again to see how the pond is progressing – with a bit of luck you might even get the chance to see the fish eating their scrumptious flakes.

Flickr Slideshow:

Pond Cam - Liquid Sky starship came for a visit

Pond Cam - @ Night with light

Pond Cam - reed gets a hair cut

Pond Cam - is that Dave Stewart?

Pond Cam - Water Lilly - Flowering

Water Lilly - not yet flowering, but soon to do so.

Early morning Pond Cam  - Euphorbias (pink flower) visible

Pond Cam being filled

The younger bird watches the fish

Pond Cam Night

Pond Cam Night


Other Pond Cams:

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  6. Tony says:

    Intresting stuff here Rantz. I’ll have to come back and study it more.

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