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Live and Streaming – Again

5 Sep 2015
After a two year break, PondCam is now live again and will be streaming most weekends.

Pond Cam is live and streaming most Saturdays and Sundays. When Pond Cam is live and streaming, you can watch the live pond below. Should Pond Cam not be live, you can watch the previously recorded swimming.

26 Feb 2011

Pond Cam – after a 15 month break due to the previously used web cam not coping with the Wet Season – is back. The above video was made on Saturday, 26 Feb 2011. You can easily see three varieties of fish in the video, as well as the mysterious blue bottle. It really is a blue bottle – not the poisonous, salt-water variety.

Pond Cam
This is the camera that shoots Pond Cam. It’s from a Lego Mindstorm set.

Bound and Tagged
The camera is now perched on a bracket attached to the security mesh: nylon stocking, cable-ties and blutac. Wondrous things all.

The Archive | Pond Cam and Archive | Live and Streaming are available and will no longer be updated.

I am now using USTREAM to both stream and record videos.


6 Responses to Pond Cam

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  2. stephen says:

    I’m always impressed by your webcam!
    I’m seriously going to find somewhere local that sells cheap webcams for our pond. Then get more goldfish!

  3. col says:

    tranquil as ever…dapples…

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  5. Dave Renz says:

    wonderous, sir!

  6. Charles Strebor says:

    Thanks Dave!

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