The Streborian Lexicon

Lexicanonical Rantz: Image by Jacob Dix

Image by Jacob Dix

Welcome to The Streborian Lexicon – a continuing work-in-progress where I will explain many of the words and phrases that I often use. Some are easily interpreted (eg sox), some not easily (eg Branch). With Lexicon being defined as “the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge”, this Lexicon would that of a person (me) and a branch of knowledge (mine). With many thanks to Jacob Dix for creating the image that I am using for this page – the original image, without the wordage, can be found here. As reference, the idea for this page came about due to my neologistic tendencies – you can find more on that here – and I (we?) thought it best to create a space (ie this page) where the information can be easily accessed for newcomers to my world.

The Birds
Not SiameseMeet Pere(grine) and Phoenix, combined in their angelic sleeping forms. These lads and I have a beautiful relationship and I am lucky to be their faerie goddess father and I am lucky to have them as my faerie goddess sons. This title is often shortened to goddess father and goddess sons and, with those we don’t know or are unfamiliar with, further shortened to god father and god sons. These beautiful humans are also often referred to as the lads but my favourite term for them as a collective is The Birds – because they help me fly.

Branch: This has become shorthand for love or less than three or <3. It came about due to a part of a tree (a branch) that, depending on how the image was framed, looked like a love-heart. Over time, branch has become shorthand for myself and my friends to express love in a rather cryptic, to some, way. Sadly, this particular branch of this particular tree eventually succumbed to the way of the world and fell to the ground. Fortunately, many images were made such that That Branch lives on in images. It also, of course, lives on in our hearts and minds. Branch!

Cameras (and other devices)

  • Aroni: My desktop – a Mac (hence Aroni…)
  • Derek: A Nikon D7000 – my current DSLR of choice
  • Doris: A Nikon D90 – Derek’s older sister, no longer in my possession
  • Lappie: my laptop – an old machine running Windows XP; currently awaiting a charger so sie can function again
  • Princess: A film camera that shoots both 35mm and 120mm. Sadly, Princess has ceased functioning
  • Roger: My phone: Roger is an iPhone 5 (he was a a 3GS before he reincarnated)
  • Waltzin’: My tablet, an iPad 2 (he has a sister – Matthilda – and she now resides with The Birds)
  • william Pearl: a pinhole who primarily shoots 120mm but has, occasionally, shot 35mm (he prefers 120). This critter was named by Paul (now deceased) and Gita

Over time, this lexicon will grow. For now, this is a start. There will be more, including the following:

  • Chlotilde
  • h3rg1dri529
  • ~licious(ness)
    • Cable~
    • Orba~
  • Mario
  • Sox
  • Terrance
  • That ~
    • ~ Branch
    • ~ Rock
    • ~ Sunrise
  • The Birds
  • The Chook
  • The Pond

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